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How to Hack Hills Of Steel On iOS and Android

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Several customizable features

Personally, we prefer to adjust the game settings before delving deeper into the components of the game, and that’s exactly what we do in our guide. Right there you can freely choose the language of the game, there are about 10 different world languages.Turning the music on and off is also optional with a single press of a button.

And if you want to keep your progress track away from your friends, disconnect your account from the same menu. Now we’re done with the available customizable settings, and we’ll focus on the remaining features that are mostly gameplay related.

Keep track of the achievements

Do not forget to look in the section on achievements to see how far and well you have progressed. You will also receive experience points as a reward for each achievement you perform, so this should become a main motive for you. No doubt these tips from our team could help with such a task. But you need to take some time to adapt to the gameplay style.

Unlock new battlefields for higher rewards

There are several playable slots in the game, and each one has its own unsightly highscore counter, but you’ll never try the latest ones because they do not seem unlocked at launch and it takes a long time to get them. As a starter, your first goal will be the Midsummer Siege. An open green field with few mills, where you may not have any problems attacking your opponents. Each coin you receive is doubled.

Do not skip your daily reward

Receive a daily reward for every day you sign up. On the 7th day it will reach its peak and return to the day again. It will increase rapidly in the final days of the week, so you should not skip an idea in between, unless you use the Hills of Steel cheats as an alternative to get coins.

And now with the tank attributes. You can check them on the hanger and know how strong the tank is when you look at the values.

How do I get stronger tanks?

There are three main factors that determine your tank performance. The first is the armor. The higher your armor is, the longer it will survive in the field. And the second attribute is the weapon force. This is your attack power and how heavy a blow of your cannon would be at the enemies.