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garageband for pcGarageband has become so popular in the music industry. Previously working on IOS smartphones, it has now been made readily available for PC. GarageBand for PC works just as perfect as it usually does on iOS. This wonderful app will see you through to becoming a musical genius in a few as you get to do a variety of your mixes, make your own recordings, plays and also get to broadcast all of them on canvas. It does all the hefty work for you under the same roof. How amazing can that get!

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To give you a clearer description of it, here are the amazing features of Garageband for Windows and iOS:

1) Works Without Musical Instruments

Whether you’ve got music instruments with you or not, you get the beats out loud soon after you have launched the app on your PC. Garageband has got lively instruments and loops with an all-time high within the very app. If you’ve got a knack for music and have gathered up some knowledge of it, you could easily develop sounds on your computer with your mates or even add to the app more of your own favorite music.

2) Ability to Record, Mix and Arrange Your Tracks

The developers of Garageband had a studio in mind when they built the app. With the interface being quite intuitive, you’ll have the best music experience you’ve never had before in your life. You can let your imaginations run wild with it by using whatever comes in mind to create your own track from scratch to the final stages of its production. With the touch instruments track, thirty-two of them, you can mix any of your own songs for looping or even to record your audio.

3) A One-Click Music Share

As soon as you have produced your songs, you can quickly share them with your friends and family and have them give you feedback in minutes. Actually, If you get the app connected to an internet connection, you can send the songs to your friends on the currently popular social media sites. If you want, you may also get your song to be your smartphone’s ringtone.

You are free to reuse the features of Garageband on your PC if you have it on your phone. And this will help you to create the best songs with many conveniences. You may do this by creating wireless connections using Airdrop and this should get you through it.

4) Ability to Back Up Songs on iCloud

If you need your precious creations well kept for future reference, Garageband for Windows gives you the full ability to save them on the cloud and get back to them if need be. If in any case, you would want somewhere to download Garageband for Android, just click here to do it immediately.

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GarageBand for windows

Garageband Manual

For people who are getting this app for the first time, you will want to read the basics below in order to have the optimal performance of Garageband music app and get the best experience possible. So here is the instructional guide to see you through.

• Once you download, click on the app, then, on the top corner of your left side, click on the “select file” and then choose “New”.

• On your screen, you will see a bar top up immediately, click on it and type your desired name. From there, click “Create”.

• You can hit the “+” symbol you see on the left corner of the bottom of your screen to make your own song.

• You’ll be taken to a new screen to choose the type of musical instrument you wish to use. You have the options of using the electric guitar or the software instrument or the real deal, the real instrument!


– The real instrument helps you record a track using a microphone, just like you would have your own tempo recorded with a quality recording machine.

– The electric guitar is a custom-made guitar made with the app’s amplifier and a few settings.

– The software instrument will help you make different sounds when you hit any keys or buttons on your PC. With the keyboard made specifically for Garageband, you should tailor the sounds to suit your specific requirements for your production.

You are going to get all these provisions upon hitting the ‘i’ symbol on the left corner at the bottom of your screen.

Through Garageband’s keyboard, the virtual keyboard, you will be comfortably able to get the music high all by yourself.

You can watch the detailed video below to know how to get your way around the Garageband app.

Garageband Online: Do it On The Web

The app allows you to make all your productions on the web. This is where your WiFi connection at home can come into play. This is all you need to do:

• First, you will have to have your song created. And to do this the easy and fun-filled way is to use the Audio recording, Loops of Apple and the software Instruments.

• You will be taken to set up a new audio jack once you click on the new project.

• On the top part of the screen, click on the eye symbol on the left corner. Click on the software, and then take the loop all the way to the visible timeline by dragging it in order for you to get your new track started.

• Put as many loops as you find fit in your creation and then hit the cycle symbol to get the song playing.

• Slightly under the song’s trackers, you’ll find the zoom slider, use it to edit the song. Or you could do it through the loops. Increase or decrease them to get the adjustments right.

• Just connect to the app another keyboard to have your own tempo created.

• Creating a podcast and polishing up your skills on it can easily be done through the app’s online provision. Once you are through with the podcasts, you can export them to iTunes through the “share” button which you will see there.

Best Beats, Garageband Has That Covered

With a wide variety of beats to choose from you can include in your track beats like Hard Trap beats, hip-hop, rap beat trap or any other beat you may like. Just download Garageband for Windows to have the beats playing on your Apple or Android device or even on your PC.

To have this done:

• Click “Track” to have a new track made for you.• Choose either the real instrument or software instrument or the electric guitar. From there, create the track and classic internal piano will be brought on the screen.

• To use the smart buttons, type the letter ‘B’ and then click ‘i’ to open the inspector.

• Hit any of the instruments once you see the bar of audio units.

• On the same bar, you will see “Apple or Native” instruments, hit the button. But be sure to hit the “Lower Security Settings if you get any problems.

• Having done that, you are now good to go.

Unique Garageband Midi

This is a great midi basic that outdoes all other basics in all operating systems there are. Through the plugins of the instrument, get the midi device connected to the app and listen as the music plays smoothly. There’s a midi keyboard that’s well compatible with the app’s software which will give new music pitches fast. But for you to put your hands on the USB midi Cable Keyboard or midi interface, you need to get the most recent Edirol Driver for it or the M-Audio drivers. And please remember to see if it’s in good condition.

More details will be published very soon. But be sure to download GarageBand for PC soon through the above instructions to get your songs created. Our Garageband PC app will let all Apple users do a music production without having to go to a studio to record. For customized production to bring out specific kind and pitch of your song, use the Garageband Loops and Garageband Sounds. As earlier said, more info on the app will be published but in case you have any questions or have been experiencing problems with this music application, just drop a comment below and we will get back to you immediately.